We’re Invested in Your Future

We offer personalized investment solutions, these services include: Wealth Management Services, Risk Management, and Asset Management Services. Conveniently located in Stratford, London, Waterloo, and Oakville Ontario.

We Pride Ourselves
In Being Different

Our small office allows us to see our clients as people instead of numbers, while our large offering of products allows us to make choices that are selected based on performance instead of availability. We seek the best performing products on the market to achieve superior to average returns with the best portfolio managers – while considering every client individually.

We Provide Educated
& Unbiased Advice On




Non-Registered Accounts

Wealth Management Services

At Stiller Financial, we create a personalized wealth management plan for clients in Canada. We work to understand your risk tolerance and goals. Afterward, we create a personalized plan that integrates tax requirements, financial planning, and estate planning.

Risk Management Services

At Stiller Financial, we help you discover any financial risk you may have in order to minimize or eliminate your potential losses. We work with companies and portfolio managers who have a proven track record in both good and bad markets – we make sure you’re taken care of.

Asset Management Services

No matter the assets –
we’re here to help you plan and be prepared for anything.

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