How We Can Help

Know where you are going – develop a Financial Plan

We’ll have you develop a financial framework for your life. We’ll help you work through what your financial goals are (retirement, buying a house, buying a car, working less, making more, etc.) and help you make a financial plan to make those. There are only a few variables that can be adjusted but we’ll help you understand in simple language what you do need to do (if anything) to reach your goals.

Be tax efficient – have a tax plan

Depending on your circumstances some investments would be a better fit than others. We’ll help you invest in a tax-efficient manner to ensure you are taking advantage of all of the programs and registrations available to you.

Portfolio management – make your money make lots of money

Our job is to make you money! Not the bank or any other institutions. We’ll show you the best performing investments available to you and if necessary, how they compare to your current portfolio.

Risk management – protect your loved ones from unforeseen circumstances

Life can throw many things at you that you might not expect. We know. But, you can ensure that your life doesn’t fall apart by protecting yourself and your family. We’ll show you where your risks are and how to protect yourself against them.

Our First Meeting

  • 30 – 60 minutes
  • We’ll ask you questions about what you want your money to do
  • We won’t ask you to share anything you don’t want to share
  • We’ll share with you strategies we’ve used to help our clients make more money and be tax-efficient

Your Questions, Answered

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! If you have prior experience investing you can bring appropriate documents if you feel comfortable but we don’t want you to feel obligated to bring anything. We just want to have a conversation to learn more about you.

Do I have to have a certain amount of money invested?

Definitely not – if you care about your money, we want to help you achieve your goals. No matter how big or small you feel your portfolio is.

How are you paid?

We are paid a fee for managing your assets – all returns you see are net of fees. Our fees are considered average for the industry and we’d be happy to walk you through all the details.

I have investments elsewhere - do I have to leave them there?

For most investments, there is a form called a T2033 that allows for investments to move from one institution to another.

Are you independent?

Every investment advisor in Canada has to have an invesment dealer – ours is FundEX Investments. They track all of our trades, manage records, and ensure we are acting in accordance with all regulations. We are not independent but we do have the ability to use any product unlike most banks or other financial institutions.

How are you any different?

We believe we are different because we deeply care about you and your financial goals. We believe that our job is to make you financially secure above everything else. We are not required to work with a bank or any financial institution so we can use products that cost the least and can make you the most amount of money. If you come in for a no-obligation consultation I think you will experience very quickly how we are different.

Guaranteed Value

If you feel we have not provided any value after your consultation – we will pay you for your time at whatever rate you charge.