How do I move my money?

There is a form called a T2033 that allows you to move your investments in-kind or in-cash from one institution to another without liquidating the portfolio. This allows it to stay registered (as an RSP or a TFSA) and still move.

How do you get paid?

Each investment has what is called a Management Expense Ratio (MER). The MER does fluctuation and is more expensive in certain investments and less expensive in others. Typically it is broken down into two components. Half of the MER stays with the investment firm to ensure that they are managing the stocks, paying for the transactions, paying taxes, doing research and the other half of the MER is with the distributor to be the dealer of the investment, to give you financial advice, and to help build you a financial plan. There is a way to convert this MER into a fee so that it is tax-deductible for non-registered investments.

What is the market going to do?

It is impossible to time the market – nobody in history has ever been able to do this. What we do know is the long term performance of stocks and bonds and this is how a portfolio should be built and managed.

Who is FundEx?

FundEx is Stiller Financial’s dealer. They watch all of our activity and ensure that we are compliant. They are owned by Industrial Alliance who is a publicly traded company on the TSX.

What licenses do you hold?

The Investment Funds Institute License to sell mutual funds.

The Life License Qualification Program to sell accident and sickness insurance (life, health, critical illness, disability, etc.)