Get a clear picture

Many don’t know where their assets will go after they pass away. How much will be paid in tax? How long will my assets be held? Do I need a will? Is my estate equalized? We’ll help you discover what your estate would look like to your loved ones.

Minimize your taxes

Without proper planning you could be giving half of your money away to the CRA after you pass away. We’ll help you review your assets and recommend scenarios where you would pay as little tax as possible.

Support what you care about

You should spend every one of your dollars on something that you care about. That should continue even after you have passed away. We’ll help you develop a plan where your money will go exactly where you want it to go – to the people or places you care about the most.

Take control of your money

Developing an estate plan is all about remaining in control of the disbursement of your assets after you are unable to make any further decisions. We can help you build a plan to ensure your money is doing what you want it to do – and not anybody else.

Guaranteed Value

If you feel we have not provided any value after your consultation – we will pay you for your time at whatever rate you charge.